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Many farmers and bankers alike have read our Grower contract and agree: It's clear we care about the grower.

Being a Happy Egg Grower offers you:

-Start-up and new flock cost support: You don't pay for the birds until they produce. In other words, you don’t pay until you begin getting paid. 

-Less stress with feed: Our pay is fair. Much like we do with the birds, we cover the cost of feed until you begin getting paid. As feed costs fluctuate up or down, your pay will adjust to cover the cost. 

-Yield-based compensation: We buy ALL eggs, not just large eggs like many of our competitors do. 

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Are you currently located in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas or Oklahoma?

Are you currently operating a commercial laying facility?

Do you currently own 10-15+ acres of farmland?

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The original Free Range Egg Brand

Happy Egg is a local Free Range Egg company headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas. We are the #1 fastest-growing Outdoor Access egg brand in the United States, and sell our eggs at stores like Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Fresh Market, Harps, and many more.  

Today, we have 90+ small family farms located throughout the Midwest; or as we like to call it, the Heartland of Happy. Our company has grown quickly because we know what is best for our birds. We do not compromise on our standards. 

happy egg become a grower benefits

What It Means For You

Being a Happy Farmer means:  

-You take pride in what you do. You don't compromise on your values and neither do we. You can take pride in saying you are a Happy Egg Grower. 

-You care for more than yourself. You care about the hens, your family, and supporting your local community through your business. 

-You get to work for yourself. You are supported by a family-owned business. We aren't owned by Wall Street and don't want to be. 

Interested in applying? Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below, then submit your application. 


Our amazing farms and farmers make for a better egg, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our consumers write us raving reviews and send us photos daily, showing us first-hand the happiness our eggs bring to their lives.

Lynne from Georgia told us, “I have been buying the free range for some time and they are always consistently a beautiful orange color…I had previously bought other free range brands where the yolks were pale yellow, ick. I am a forever customer and rave about your product to my family and friends!”


Happy Egg offers our growers industry-competitive compensation. Once an application is returned to us, we will reach out to you about a potential grower meeting. This meeting will cover current compensation along with building and land requirements, as well as start-up costs.


Our hens require a minimum of 21.8 square feet of range, which equates to 10 acres per 20,000 birds. These 10 acres cannot include a personal residence. If you have a residence on the land, there must be at least 10 additional acres dedicated solely to the hens.


We are currently interested in farms in the Ozarks and surrounding areas. Happy Egg birds love to forage in trees and various types of vegetation. Therefore, we are looking for pastures with good grass cover and lots of great tree lines.


Happy Egg has a dedicated team committed to grower support that you will stay in frequent contact with. They will conduct periodic farm visits and audits to provide you with the support needed to be a successful farm manager.


If you want to learn more about contract growing opportunities with Happy Egg, please send an email to with your Name, Phone Number, and Farm Location, or fill out the application below!